Tools for schools

Really Well Being works well in schools for children, parents and teaching staff alike.


We have helped hudreds of students from primary schools to medical students with a flexible array of fun and interactive sessions


These evidenced based approaches nurture well being, develop metacognative skills and the simple ability to accept and enjoy being what you are, (the most fertile environment for flourishing)


We have audited our sessions and consistently shown significant rises in well being scores for the students with no evidence of harm.

Dr Bhatia works as an NHS GP and has upto date DBS clearance.


Examples from the Living well sessions.


1. Sleeping well. Put simply sleeping well helps children be smarter, happier, healthier and more harmonious.


2. Feeling well. By learning how to surfing stress in a sea of emotions students develop resilience and respect.


3. Relaxing well. Mediation made easy and CALM bands teach students essential life skills.


4. Eating well. helps students embody really healthy life habits.

Dr Bhatia exploring ways of surfing stress with students

sleep school certificate

A lovely thank you from Pucklechurch school for teaching valuable sleep tips.

IMG_20190524_150348__01__01__01 kids helping