You are unique and you are not alone


In our free group sessions we explore how to live well (eat, sleep, work and rest) using a variety of evidence based techniques including, relaxation, meditation, yoga, tai chi, individual and group work.


Meeting others can be challenging, so we are supportive and make it easy.


The results are amazing because together we help bring out our best.


We also offer Free group sessions allied with NHS GP practices near Bristol and Bath.


Adapting to COVID, we plan to restart offering online sessions in Summer 2020 guided by Dr Bhatia and Nurse Claire Hutchinson.

Do get in touch if this interest you.



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What to expect?

Below is a description of Mr OHs experience.


" my back hurt and I could not sleep. I didn't like all those drugs and I felt so low and hopeless..

But you surprised and believed in me.  Looking back I seem like another person.. I am so grateful we did my life feels so good ! ".


Testemonial of Mr OH

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